The CUC FAQ has been created to help answer questions that players and captains may have
about the CUC series.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question in one of these resources, please feel free to
contact the UC executive director ( or CUC competition director (batch
AT with your question.


Can we have an American on our roster for the CUC?

Yes. There are two circumstances where an American can compete in the CUC. The first is if they
are residing in Canada and have been playing with the team for more than 3 months (rule
The second is as an out-of-region addition (rule that has played with team for at least 6
months prior to the CUC and have not competed in a tournament with any other teams in the same
division as their CUC team. Each team is permitted up to 3 out-of-region players.

How many players can we have on our roster?

The roster maximum is 28 players (rule 2.3.3). The roster minimum is 14 (rule 2.3.2) and mixed
teams must have at least 6 players rostered as matching each gender (rule

What are the age restrictions for masters & juniors?

Open Masters and Male Matching Mixed Masters players must be 33 or older on Dec 31 of the
tournament year (rule 2.2). Women’s Masters and Female Matching Mixed Masters players must be
30 or older on Dec 31 of the tournament year (rule 2.2) Juniors must be 18 or under on Dec 31 of
the tournament year (rule

Can someone from a neighboring province play as an in-region player?

If a player lives in a regional border community (Example: Ottawa and Hull), then the team may
apply to the UC competition director to consider cross border player in-region (rule


How come our region only received one or two bids in my division?

Each year Ultimate Canada awards bids to divisions based on the number of competitive players
registered with Ultimate Canada in that region and how teams from the region placed in the previous
year (strength bids). Each region starts with one automatic bid and gets additional bids based on
strength and membership numbers. Full information on bid allocation is listed under rule 3.0-3.1

Is it possible to expand a division?

The Ultimate Canada competition committee will review applications to expand divisions by May 1st
of the tournament year. Generally speaking the biggest hurdle to expansion is field availability and
equity of expansion. The CUC requires a minimum 16 fields and there are few venues in Canada
that can accommodate larger tournaments. Additionally, if one division is expanded there must be
justification for not expanding other oversubscribed divisions.


Why isn’t the CUC ever in my home town?

The location of the CUC is determined by a bid process that occurs a year and a half before the
tournament. In order to host the CUC, your community would need to put in a bid to host the
tournament and have at least 16 fields available. Ultimate Canada only receives a few bids per year,
so if the CUC has not been in your community recently, chances are that your community has not
bid on hosting it recently.

Is there a set rotation for the CUC?

For 2019, the CUC Single gender divisions are in the West and the CUC mixed divisions are in the


I would like to propose a change to the CUC series. How would I do that?

Each year the Ultimate Canada competition committee reviews the CUC rules in the early winter. If
you would like to propose a change to the CUC series, send in your proposal to the UC executive
director (ed AT or CUC competition director (batch AT


Why is the CUC so expensive?

Ultimate Canada is committed to trying to make the CUC more affordable, but also provide services
like field lining, observers, and livestreaming. We are continuing to explore other ways to make the
event less expensive for players such as removing shuttle buses from the event; however, having a
shuttle is necessary in many venues due to parking, and the limited availability of rental cars in the

Historically, the price of the CUC peaked in 2006 when it was $108.30/adult. Ultimate Canada
reduced fees to $100/adult in 2007, $97/adult in 2008, $92/adult in 2011, $87 in 2012 and $90 in
2014 to present.

Where do all of the fees go?

Where does the money go? It changes from year-to-year as different cities have vastly different
markets and expenses for various services. As a result, the most expensive components of the CUC
change based on location and the rate for services in the community. Generally the top 5 expenses
are as follows:

1. Fields. Generally range from $20,000-50,000. This is usually the largest or second largest
expenditure and roughly costs $12-32/player.

2. Shuttle bus. Generally range from $15,000-45,00. In some years the shuttle bus service costs
more than field rentals and roughly costs $12-30/player.

3. On-site equipment. Generally range from $14,000-32,000, which is roughly $12-30/player. This
includes: tents, port-a-lets, golf carts, generators, radios, security, scoreboards, etc.

4. Administration / Volunteers. Generally range from $12,000-15,000, which is roughly $10-
13/player. This includes food for volunteers, volunteer packs, observer expenses, thank you
activities for volunteers, stipends, etc.

Other expenses for the event include: field food, medical, finals, marketing, promotion, sponsorship,
credit card expenses, awards, party, water, and waste management.

Do we spend a lot of money on a stadium for Sunday championship games?

Generally stadiums have had a negligible effect on the cost of the CUC. There have only been a few
cases where a stadium outside of the “regular playing venue” has been obtained for finals. Some
recent instances where separate stadiums have been rented are 2005 & 2009 in Winnipeg and 2006
in Halifax. In all cases, the rental was under $5,000 and the stadium venue allowed for the sale of
tickets ($2,500 in 2005 for example). When the costs associated with installing stands and renting a
facility for an additional day are factored in, then there usually is very little difference in cost.

Is it possible to get a refund on fees if I get injured before the tournament?

It is possible to get a refund.

RCAs: Registered competitive athlete fees (RCA) and one-event fees will be fully refunded, less a
$5.00 administration fee, if a refund request is received within 7 days of the date of purchase and the
individual who the fees were purchased for has not participated in a UC event or program during that
time. After 7 days from the date of purchase, no refunds will be provided.

Player Fees: Can be refunded up until the final Roster deadline (August 1st of each year) After that
date no refunds will be given unless you are injured and can provide a doctor’s note indicating that
you have been injured.