Disc Drive

Got some extra discs lying around? Bring them to the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Edmonton to donate to Ultimate Peace and ReachUp.

Ultimate Peace builds bridges of friendship, trust, and leadership among youth divided by conflict, using the values-based sport of Ultimate as our tool. Our vision is that youth from diverse social and cultural backgrounds in the Middle East will work collaboratively to bring about sustainable social change as the next generation of peace-building citizens.

Founded in 2014, ReachUp is a registered non-profit organization that runs ultimate frisbee training sessions to build confidence, inspire healthy and active lifestyles, and develop transferable skills in Indigenous children and youth.  The following five core values are at the heart of ReachUp’s model of community engagement:

  1. Partnership: We actively collaborate with local, provincial and national organizations seeking to improve the health and social outcomes of children and youth.
  2. Engagement: We honour local ‘on-the-ground’ leadership and recognize that ReachUp’s mandate can only be accomplished through the invitation and support of schools, associations and communities.
  3. Cultural sensitivity: Grounded in a posture of mutual respect and inclusion, we see frisbee as a tool for cultivating cross-cultural learning for both trainers and participants.
  4. Sustainability: We seek to identify and provide ongoing support to local frisbee champions who are passionate about seeing children and youth thrive.
  5. Fun: At its heart, frisbee is about the joy of running, throwing and catching with friends.

Ultimate Peace and ReachUp have been mainstays of the Ultimate community for many years and this year’s Canadian Ultimate Championships in Edmonton is no exception. Show your community spirit and put those old (or new) discs to good use! (This will also free up room in your bag to buy more at the VC merchandise tent)

We would like to challenge each player to bring at least one disc to donate this August 11 – 18 in Edmonton in hopes of collecting 2000 discs!